Transactional Email FAQs

Oracle Marketing Cloud - Eloqua Transactional Email App - Frequently asked questions and common challenges related to the Transactional Email for Eloqua app.

How do I use data from my transactional event in an email?

There are two ways to populate data from a transactional event into an email. First, you can utilize the Transactional Email Cloud Content on your email to reference any field you have mapped in your event setup. Second, if you map a transaction field to an Eloqua Contact field, you can store and use it anywhere Eloqua Contact fields are available, including subject lines and within your email, but outside Cloud Content.

I have many transaction events triggering in a short period of time. How do I ensure they are processed correctly?

Each transaction event you configure processes events in the order in which they are received, preventing a race condition. In the event that more than one different transaction event is triggered for the same Eloqua contact in a very short period of time, the app will process each event as quickly as it can, creating a race condition. In most scenarios, this should not cause a problem. However, if your configuration of both transaction events includes mapping transaction fields to the same Eloqua Contact field, your data may get overwritten by the second event before the first email can be sent. To avoid this, use different Eloqua Contact fields for each different transaction event.

How do I send a transaction event to the app?

We have a helpful guide for sending transaction events here:

Can I be notified if the app's Eloqua OAuth needs to be manually reauthorized?

Yes! Navigate to the app's install configuration and expand the green 'Notification Settings' bar at the top. Enable the 'Expired Eloqua Oauth' toggle and enter the email address(es) (comma separated) you wish to be notified in the event that the app need to be reauthorized with Eloqua.

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