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The Shared List Appender Cloud Connector app has been retired. This Cloud Connector is no longer installable and no longer supported. Existing app configurations will stop functioning after July 1, 2018.

App Overview

Custom Data Objects are frequently used for advanced automated marketing and nurturing programs but it's difficult to combine these programs with Eloqua Shared Lists. With the Shared List Appender cloud connector, you can now easily add a Custom Data Object Record’s mapped Eloqua Contact to one or more shared lists. To use this cloud connector, you will need to have an Eloqua Custom Data Object with at least three fields - the email address for the mapped Eloqua Contact, a Share List Name field that stores the name of the desired shared list, and a Share List ID field that will be used to append the internal Eloqua ID for the shared list. You will also need to configure the Custom Object Record Services within Eloqua.