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AWS S3 - Eloqua Accounts Bulk Export

Data Transporter


Subscription Required

The AWS S3 - Eloqua Accounts Bulk Export data transporter app is a premium app and requires a subscription. To see subscription options or to start a trial, visit our AppCloud. If you don't have an AppCloud account, you'll need to create one first...but no worries, this app may require a subscription but you can create an AppCloud account for free!

Bulk export Eloqua Accounts to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket when you need to (e.g., every 15-minutes, hourly, intra-day, or daily). This is a great connector if you need to create a bulk record export to be used for data warehousing, analysis or backup. Exports can be run incrementally or re-run as a historical export.

Updated 10 months ago

AWS S3 - Eloqua Accounts Bulk Export

Data Transporter

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