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Frequently asked questions and common challenges related to the Personalization Manager for Eloqua app.

Why did my contacts error in the Personalization Manager Action?

The most common reason is that the contact does not have any Custom Object records that match the selection criteria set in the Action. Review your selection criteria and your Custom Object records to ensure there are records for the app to process. In addition, it's important to remember that only new custom object records (records that have not yet been processed for this Action) are used. This means that even if the contacts has Custom Object records that match the selection criteria, they may have been processed in a previous cycle and are therefore ignored. For a bit more information on this scenario, see Can I process records more than once?

I only want to process the first record. Do I still need a Decision step?

Yes. Although it is possible for a campaign to function without the Personalization Manager Decision, the Decision helps to prevent data from getting in a bad state, causing errors in the future. For this reason, we strongly recommend using a Decision step for all campaigns.

Can I process records more than once?

Yes! The Personalization Manager can process records using one of three rules:

  1. Process New Records Only (Default) - This option will ignore CDO records that have been previously processed by this Personalization Manager Action step. This allows campaigns to be configured to run the same contact through it multiple times and only include new CDO records without resending duplicate information from CDO records previously processed. This is the default, recommended setting for most use cases.
  2. Process New and Updated Records - This option works identically to the first option, with one small difference. The app will include CDO records that have been modified since the last time they were processed by the Action step in addition to the new CDO records.
  3. Process All Records - This option removes the safeguards from the first two options and will include all CDO records that match the selection criteria, regardless of their status of being processed in previous runs. This setting is most commonly used in testing circumstances but should be utilized with caution.

Can I add more than one Cloud Content to the same Email or Landing Page?

Yes! You can add as many Personalization Manager Cloud Contents to your email or landing page as you like. The Action is linked to the entire email or landing page and all of it's Cloud Contents.

How can I test my Cloud Content?

Because the Personalization Manager Cloud Content uses data from Custom Object records unique to specific contacts, it isn't possible to populate your Cloud Content blocks in email preview mode or test emails. To solve for this, we created the Personalization Tester. To access, navigate to your email and configure your Cloud Content. At the bottom of the editor, you can launch the tester and test what your email will look like for a given contact. More information on the Personalization Tester can be found here.

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