Enabling an Import

Oracle Marketing Cloud - Eloqua
NetSuite CRM Connector App Feature

Imports can be run on demand, scheduled to run independently, or in sequence with other imports called an Import Group.

Run Imports On Demand

To run an import on demand, click the icon.


With Standard Import select, set the Import Frequency to "On Demand Only" and click Save. To run the import immediadately, click the Run button. Your import will begin shortly.

Run a Scheduled Import

To run a schedules import, click the icon. With Standard Import select, set the desired Import Frequency, ranging from every 30 minutes to once per day, and click Save. Your import will begin shortly. To run the import immediadately, click the Run button.

Use an Import Group

An Import Group allows you to have imports occur in a specific sequence. This might be handy if you want to make sure NetSuite Accounts and Contacts are imported before imporitng data into linked Eloqua Custom Objects. You must first create an Import Group before you can add you import(s). Click the Import Groups button to begin.


Give the Import Group a name, select the Import Frequency, the days of the week the imports should run and the start and end time in UTC. If you would like to run imports throughout an entire day, you can set the Start Time to 12:00 AM and the end time to 11:59 PM.

Next, click the icon next to the import you want to add to your Import Group. If Import Group selected, select your desired Import Group, click on your Import and move it into your group. You can drag your imports up or down within the sequence to change the order in which they should run. Once you Enable your import, it will included in the next import run event.


You can disable your import at any time and it will be skipped as part of the import group.