Time Zone Checker

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App Overview

Use the Time Zone Checker Cloud Action to better manage a campaign or program workflow by allowing or restricting Eloqua Contacts to move through a step based on the Contact's time zone. You can pass them onto the next step within 15-minutes of the user's time zone or within a time range.

The app requires a time zone offset value stored within an Eloqua Contact field. If you haven't appended time zone information, check out our companion Time Zone Appender app.

App Installation

To install the Relationship One Time Zone Checker Cloud Action:

  1. Click on the install URL below:



IP Allowlisting

If you have Eloqua IP allowlisting enabled, please add AppCloud IPs to your allowlist - and

Please note, the installation process must be done by a user with Eloqua Customer Administrator rights.

  1. Log into Eloqua with your Eloqua Credentials, if required.

  2. Click Accept and Install to add the app to your Eloqua instance.

  3. Click Authenticate Me to grant permission for the app to communicate with Eloqua on your behalf.

  1. Click Accept or switch users to allow Eloqua to access the app.

  2. Select the contact field to read the Time Zone value from.



Time Zone Format

Note that the Time Zone value must be in ISO 8601 format. Some examples:
"βˆ’05:00" for New York on standard time
"βˆ’04:00" for New York on daylight saving time
"+00:00" for London on standard time
"+02:00" for Cairo
"+05:30" for Mumbai
"+14:00" for Kiribati

You will now see the Relationship One Time Zone Checker app in the App Catalog inside of your Eloqua instance.

The Relationship One Time Zone Checker app is now installed in the App Catalog inside of your Eloqua instance which can be found by clicking on Apps under the Settings menu in the Platform Extensions section. You can select the app to view the app description, modify the configuration settings, reinstall, or uninstall it. You can also check its status and dependencies.

App Configuration

Step 1: Add the Cloud Action

Within the Eloqua Campaign Canvas or Program Canvas, find the Time Zone Checker Cloud Action in the Actions menu area. Double-click on or drag the Time Zone Checker Cloud Action onto your canvas workspace.

Double click on the cloud action and click the configure button.


Step 2: Choose Run-At or Run-Between Time

You must first decide if you wish to have contacts pass through the step at a specific time, or during a window of time. Choose the option by selecting Run At, or Run Between.


Step 3: Configure Time to Pass Contacts

Selecting Run At will pass contacts on to the next step at a given time offset for a contact's local timezone, within a 15-minute window around that specific time. Simply select the time to pass the contacts through.


Selecting Run Between will allow contacts to pass through during a specific window of availability at a given time offset for a contact's local timezone. Selecting the beginning of the local window, the end of the local window.

Click Save to complete your app configuration. The Cloud Action will automatically enable when you activate the Campaign or Program.