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Allowing Access to AppCloud Apps

IP Allowlist Settings

If you have external systems, such as Eloqua, restricting access to third-party apps, you will need to add Relationship One IP addresses to your IP Allowlist(s).

Eloqua Allowlist Settings

When Eloqua IP allowlists are enabled, third-party integrations are prevented from communicating with Oracle Eloqua. This includes any Relationship One AppCloud App. If you have IP Allowlisting enabled, you will need to add IP addresses used by Relationship One AppCloud apps to your Eloqua allowlist:

Within Eloqua:

  1. Click on Settings ().

  2. Click Security in the Users and Security area.

  3. Click IP.

  4. Click Create IP Address Range.

  5. Select Specific IP Block and enter the following IP Address:

  6. Click Save.

  7. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 for the following IP address:

For more information on Eloqua IP allowlisting, please visit the Eloqua user documentation.

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Allowing Access to AppCloud Apps

IP Allowlist Settings

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