Custom Object Record Selector

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The Custom Object Record Selector Cloud Connector app has been retired. This Cloud Connector is no longer installable and no longer supported. Existing app configurations will stop functioning after July 1, 2018.

App Overview

Eloqua field merges using Custom Data Object fields are based on the last record that was modified. While this works for a number of use cases, if you have multiple custom object records and want to refine your personalization, you need more robust matching options. This cloud connector lets you select one of many custom object records mapped to an Eloqua Contact by specifying match criteria by date (e.g., first created, last created, first modified, last modified) or a static field value. The selected record can then be flagged for campaign field merge/personalization usage.

To use this cloud connector, you will need to create an Eloqua Email that includes Dynamic Content using Custom Data Object based field merges.